"A Harvest Hoped For" { 52 images } Created 20 Oct 2018

For more than 25 years, over four hundred men pack into buses and leave behind the tearful faces of their families and the comfort of home to travel approximately 1800 miles to Titan Farms, in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. For the next 7 months, they will work 12 hour days, six days a week, harboring hopes that the sacrifices they make now will enable them to bring the American Dream back to their families in Mexico. What they make in just one year sweating in the fields at Titan Farms will be more than they could earn in three years working in Mexico. Their desire for financial stability and prosperity is met with an equally desperate need for workers at Titan Farms. Titan is the second largest peach producer in the United States. The farm would not be unable to keep up with the production demands without the H2-A Visa temporary worker program. Agricultural businesses that can prove that they are unable to find workers domestically are allowed to hire foreign workers for seasonal work. The provisions that they must provide their temporary employees include free housing, free transportation, and the cost of their bus ride to and from Mexico. Although the labor is hard and they miss their homes, the men are very grateful to have the opportunity to provide a better life for themselves and their families.
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