"Escaping the Corridor of Shame" { 14 images } Created 25 Oct 2018

Tia McLeod’s family have lived in Dillon County, South Carolina for generations. This area of South Carolina is often referred to as the “Corridor of Shame,” a poor region that stretches from north to south along Interstate 95. Struggling with the effects of reduced funding from the State of South Carolina and declining support from local governments due to diminishing tax bases, the schools in Dillon are hard-pressed to provide a minimally adequate education for their students.

Tia was determined not to be another Dillon County statistic, trapped in the cycle of poor education and poverty. She worked hard and graduated from Dillon High School with good grades, making her the first person in her family to graduate high school. After graduation Tia joined the Army. This allowed her to give her single mother money to help support her three siblings and gave Tia a ticket out of Dillon.
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